Make not so foolish a bargain, as for a little loose money to give up desperately all you have; your liberties, your estates, your families . . . for every bucket of water thrown into your wells, they will pump out tuns.

—John Trenchard. Cato’s Letter No. 69, Address to the freeholders, &c. about the choice of their representatives, Saturday, March 10, 1722.

Greece is grievously poor for one reason—it is socialist. It has been very enthusiastic about the European Union because it thinks the subsidies it can extract will bring it prosperity. But prosperity can only be brought about by hard work. Subsidies bring only dependence and therefore poverty. Therefore if Greece thinks to grow fat suckling on the breast of Europea, they will have traded their freedoms in vain.

This article is an extract from the book ‘Principles of Good Government’ by Matthew Bransgrove