Men … paying easy or no taxes, not molested with wars, must vastly increase by natural generation.

—John Trenchard. Cato’s Letters No. 106, Of plantations and colonies, Saturday, December 8, 1722.

Low taxes, effective guards against the scourge of war, and making everyone responsible for their own fortunes, will encourage those with initiative, spirit, and energy to have lots of babies. By continually opening up land for development, the cost of family homes is driven down. This encourages young couples to have children earlier and more plentifully. It is an evil government that spends lavishly on special interests and welfare to buy votes. It is an evil government that restricts developments and encourages higher density living to pander to those with Malthus Syndrome.

Nothing is required to make young men and women fall in love, nothing is required to induce them to marry, but in order to procreate, like every other creature, they need a nest. It is for this reason that the cramped populations of Europe have grown so slowly compared to those of the United States in the last 200 years. Now that science and trade allow food to be grown all over the world, Europe has no excuse for not opening up its moors, fens, fields, mountains, and bogs for development into suburbs.

This article is an extract from the book ‘Principles of Good Government’ by Matthew Bransgrove